Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Summer Lovin'

Tyler and I have had quite the summer........ between the internship in Lehi, Scout camp outs,
Girls Camp, Trek, Family things, and other countless going ons we have been all over the place! Here are some pictures to show some of the many adventures!

Girls Camp was a blast! I have loved getting to know all of these amazing YW:)

Just so you know.... when you go to your grandparents cabin for the 24th of July weekend, DON"T leave your unopened pop cans in the window!!! You will end up with a big STICKY MESS! Who knew;)

Trek was so amazing! Our Stake went to Martin's Cove and Rocky Ridge Aug 1st-4th. How those handcart pioneers did what they did in many feet of snow is a Miracle. If you have not been up to the area, you should. There is such an amazing spirit to be felt. Tyler and I were a Ma and Pa and loved getting to know the 6 kids we called family for the 4 days we were together!

The Saturday after we got back from Trek Tyler and I headed down to Mantua Reservoir for a little fishing! Ok, ok, so Tyler fished and I kicked back to read a good book and get some sun ;) He ended up catching the tiniest fish and got a little frustrated, but it was fun just to get out and spend some time together.

At least he improved in the size a tiny bit! Right;) Haha


Laura said...

looks like fun! I remember doing Martins cove as a youth. it was one of the best experiences ever. Thanks for sharing the pictures!