Monday, August 15, 2011

My Fun/Terrible Weekend........

Let's start with the FUN shall we! :)
Friday night Tyler and I went to the Cache county Rodeo and Fair. It was so much fun. And just so good to hang out with my hubby!
On Saturday I was able to go down to Lehi and meet mine and Tyler newest niece, she is so precious, new babies are always so fun to see!
And then that night Tyler's mom, sister, and sister-in-law, and I were able to go up to Sundance and see the play "The Sound of Music"! I was so fun:) The only thing missing was my other sister-in-law Laura(because of said new baby) we will have to catch her next time! It ended up pouring rain for awhile, but was timed perfectly to go along with the thunderstorm scene in Maria's bedroom where they sing the "Rain Drops on Roses" song and luckily we had brought some extra jackets and blankets to keep us dry and warm. All in all it was a beautiful night!

Now for the TERRIBLE...........
We ended up not getting back into Lehi from Sundance until after midnight Saturday so I stayed the night at Tyler's parent house and got up early and left Lehi around 7:15 so I could make it back to Logan and get ready in time to make it to Young Women's since we have 9:00 church. Tyler was going to go to church and I would just meet him up when I got there. So I headed out and the drive was normal until I was almost home.......... I was driving north on Logan main street and coming up on the intersection at 700 N., right by angie's and a&w's, I had a green light and there was a car in the turning lane on the other side of the intersection. Well I don't know if he was just not paying attention or what, but as soon as I was starting into the intersection he decide he was going to turn. I tried to swerve to get out of the way, but was to late and we collided. Scariest moment of my life. The next thing i knew the air bags where going off and I couldn't breath. I was so shaken up. My driver side window had broke so I pushed that out of the way so I could stick my head out the window so I wasn't just breathing in the fumes from the air bags(nastiest smell in the whole world, by the way). I couldn't get my door to open and started freaking out a little when a nice guy who had come up to the scene right after jump out of his car to help me. He couldn't get my door open either so he ran around to the passenger door and opened it and I had to climb out that side. In the mean time a lady had pulled up and jumped out to help and led me over to the curb and made sure I new my name and if I knew where I was at and all that kinda stuff. There are some nice people out there playing the role of guardian angels I tell you. How grateful I was for those loving faces. The same lady let me borrow her phone (I was shaking so bad I couldn't dial so she ended up dialing Tyler's number for me), by some miracle Tyler was just about to step into the chapel at church and had forgotten to turn his phone off and even though he didn't know the number answered it because it had startled him. Anyway when Tyler got to the scene the emt's were already checkin me out and suggested that I go to the hospital just to make sure everything was ok (my neck was so sore and my knee killed) so they loaded me up in the ambulance. After some xrays and being checked out by the doctor everything looked ok. Needless to say I am super stiff and sore, with lots of bumps and bruises, but I am so grateful it wasn't worse. I had been going almost 40 mph when we hit so I really was lucky to get away with just minor stuff.
The man who hit me I felt so bad for. He was 83 years old and looked so disoriented and had blood all over his face. Lucky he was not majorly hurt either. Both vehicles were totaled. My poor car:( I loved having my dependable Honda. It has been such a good car. November would have been 5 years and we were planning on keeping it until it was so old it wouldn't go any more.

I am so not looking forward to car shopping:(


Kellie and McKay said...

Lacey! I am so sorry! That does not sound fun at all. I am glad you are ok. Let me know if you need anything. We have been looking for a car too... NOT FUN!!!

Lonnie and Lindsay Fox said...

What a huge blessing your okay. So glad to hear. Hope your soreness goes away soon. Let us know if you need anything.

Chanda said...

oh sorry to hear about your accident. glad it wasn't any worse though! i know just the spot for car shopping...if you haven't bought one yet, call Uncle Mike!

Sheri said...

I can not believe you walked away from that.. You are very blessed.
Love ya Lacey