Saturday, September 8, 2012


 So much has happened since the spring that it feels like we are living a whole new life! After living in Tyler's parents house trailer for almost 3 months in Roosevelt, I am pleased to announce that we finally were able to buy a house!  It took a lot longer than we thought, but we are so grateful to finally feel like we can settle down.  It makes the area feel more like home to have a place of our own!  We both got new jobs at the end of May and...........

We also announced recently that we are expecting a NEW BABY BOY in January!  We are so excited for this new adventure and are so grateful to our Heavenly Father for this blessing! In the last few weeks I have been feeling him move so much and it is the weirdest thing ever, but so cool! I was out looking at fabric with my mom and sister and seen the cutest little camo baby boots! They fit Tyler's personality perfectly and even though they were way to much I had to have them for our little guy!
(Sorry they are sideways, for some reason I can't get them to turn) 

Here is a picture of me at 20 weeks!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tyler's Graduation!!!

 Tyler Graduated! Back in the beginning of May, Tyler had the opportunity to attend his graduation ceremony.  I couldn't be any prouder! What an accomplishment!  He is so grateful to be done and move on with life.  He received his Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering! He ended up getting a job in Roosevelt with Jones and DeMille Engineering and he is loving it!

Yahoo Tyler!

The Guys! Brady, Kevin, Jason, Tyler, and Tyrell

The cakes I made to Celebrate!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Long Over Due!

 I have been so horrible at updating this thing.  I don't know if anybody really looks at it to much, but if you do I am sorry.  I mostly like to update because I like looking back at the memories. Since I am not a scrapbooker and I am a horrible journal keeper it is good to have a few things here on this blog.  Anyway enough rambling. 

 These past couple weeks have been quite exciting in my family.  Carissa, my little sister, made the choice months and months ago that she was going on a mission.  I am so proud of her and this decision she has made.  I am so lucky to have such an amazing sister!  She received her call to Uruguay and had been so antsy to leave and get started with this new adventure.  She left for the Argentina MTC just this last Wednesday and we received an email the next day saying she had arrived safely!  I will really miss her these next 18 months, but am so excited for the things she will gain in her life for bringing the message of the gospel to the people of Uruguay!
Since she was going to the Argentina MTC we were able to take her to the airport and see her off instead of just dumping her on the curb at the Provo MTC!  
 Me and Carissa before she went through security!

This is Carissa and the other 2 sister missionaries that left
on the same day.  We were so relieved that she would have
some friends to make the trip with.

Good Luck Carissa! Love you!

My little brother, Ethan, has also made the choice to serve a mission and will be turning his papers in this month!  He was able to receive the Melchizedek Priesthood a couple weeks ago and it was a really neat experience.  He will turn 19 in July, so my parents are going to be down to 1 kid at home when he leaves.  That is going to be so weird!

As for Tyler and I, we are doing well.  Tyler graduates the first week of May and we are so excited to move on to the next step! He has worked so hard to get to this point in his life and I couldn't be any prouder! He has had quite a few interviews with different companies and has heard back from a couple that would like him, but he is still waiting to hear from the one he really wants to get.  This is the stressful part........ I hate last minute major decisions.  Oh well, I know things will work out the way they are meant to.  I am just not very patient!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

You know it is Pheasant season when......

 You open your freezer and this is what greets you!  

So Yucky! 
I don't mind eating it, but having the whole thing in my freezer for weeks is a little much!
The town Tyler hunts peasants in does a contest at the end of the season.  You turn in 5 of your longest tail feathers and if you have the longest you win a new shot gun, 2nd place gets a puppy, and 3rd place is a surprise.  The thing is when they turn the feathers in they still have to be attached to the bird! So I get to say hello to these beauties when I open the freezer for a little while longer!
I am one lucky girl! ;)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Family Pictures

My side family got together for family pictures at the end of July(or was it the beginning of Aug......I can't remember) and they turned out so good!  My cousin's wife Stephanie did them for us.  She is so talented and has the cutest ideas!  If you want to see more of what she does here is her website: :) 

The whole gang

The originals

Guys &

Mom and Dad

My older sister Rachelle and her husband Seth

Me and T

My cute younger sister Carissa
Little Brother Ethan- So handsome!

The baby of the litter- Samuel!

New pictures are so FUN!

Monday, August 15, 2011

My Fun/Terrible Weekend........

Let's start with the FUN shall we! :)
Friday night Tyler and I went to the Cache county Rodeo and Fair. It was so much fun. And just so good to hang out with my hubby!
On Saturday I was able to go down to Lehi and meet mine and Tyler newest niece, she is so precious, new babies are always so fun to see!
And then that night Tyler's mom, sister, and sister-in-law, and I were able to go up to Sundance and see the play "The Sound of Music"! I was so fun:) The only thing missing was my other sister-in-law Laura(because of said new baby) we will have to catch her next time! It ended up pouring rain for awhile, but was timed perfectly to go along with the thunderstorm scene in Maria's bedroom where they sing the "Rain Drops on Roses" song and luckily we had brought some extra jackets and blankets to keep us dry and warm. All in all it was a beautiful night!

Now for the TERRIBLE...........
We ended up not getting back into Lehi from Sundance until after midnight Saturday so I stayed the night at Tyler's parent house and got up early and left Lehi around 7:15 so I could make it back to Logan and get ready in time to make it to Young Women's since we have 9:00 church. Tyler was going to go to church and I would just meet him up when I got there. So I headed out and the drive was normal until I was almost home.......... I was driving north on Logan main street and coming up on the intersection at 700 N., right by angie's and a&w's, I had a green light and there was a car in the turning lane on the other side of the intersection. Well I don't know if he was just not paying attention or what, but as soon as I was starting into the intersection he decide he was going to turn. I tried to swerve to get out of the way, but was to late and we collided. Scariest moment of my life. The next thing i knew the air bags where going off and I couldn't breath. I was so shaken up. My driver side window had broke so I pushed that out of the way so I could stick my head out the window so I wasn't just breathing in the fumes from the air bags(nastiest smell in the whole world, by the way). I couldn't get my door to open and started freaking out a little when a nice guy who had come up to the scene right after jump out of his car to help me. He couldn't get my door open either so he ran around to the passenger door and opened it and I had to climb out that side. In the mean time a lady had pulled up and jumped out to help and led me over to the curb and made sure I new my name and if I knew where I was at and all that kinda stuff. There are some nice people out there playing the role of guardian angels I tell you. How grateful I was for those loving faces. The same lady let me borrow her phone (I was shaking so bad I couldn't dial so she ended up dialing Tyler's number for me), by some miracle Tyler was just about to step into the chapel at church and had forgotten to turn his phone off and even though he didn't know the number answered it because it had startled him. Anyway when Tyler got to the scene the emt's were already checkin me out and suggested that I go to the hospital just to make sure everything was ok (my neck was so sore and my knee killed) so they loaded me up in the ambulance. After some xrays and being checked out by the doctor everything looked ok. Needless to say I am super stiff and sore, with lots of bumps and bruises, but I am so grateful it wasn't worse. I had been going almost 40 mph when we hit so I really was lucky to get away with just minor stuff.
The man who hit me I felt so bad for. He was 83 years old and looked so disoriented and had blood all over his face. Lucky he was not majorly hurt either. Both vehicles were totaled. My poor car:( I loved having my dependable Honda. It has been such a good car. November would have been 5 years and we were planning on keeping it until it was so old it wouldn't go any more.

I am so not looking forward to car shopping:(

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Summer Lovin'

Tyler and I have had quite the summer........ between the internship in Lehi, Scout camp outs,
Girls Camp, Trek, Family things, and other countless going ons we have been all over the place! Here are some pictures to show some of the many adventures!

Girls Camp was a blast! I have loved getting to know all of these amazing YW:)

Just so you know.... when you go to your grandparents cabin for the 24th of July weekend, DON"T leave your unopened pop cans in the window!!! You will end up with a big STICKY MESS! Who knew;)

Trek was so amazing! Our Stake went to Martin's Cove and Rocky Ridge Aug 1st-4th. How those handcart pioneers did what they did in many feet of snow is a Miracle. If you have not been up to the area, you should. There is such an amazing spirit to be felt. Tyler and I were a Ma and Pa and loved getting to know the 6 kids we called family for the 4 days we were together!

The Saturday after we got back from Trek Tyler and I headed down to Mantua Reservoir for a little fishing! Ok, ok, so Tyler fished and I kicked back to read a good book and get some sun ;) He ended up catching the tiniest fish and got a little frustrated, but it was fun just to get out and spend some time together.

At least he improved in the size a tiny bit! Right;) Haha