Wednesday, November 16, 2011

You know it is Pheasant season when......

 You open your freezer and this is what greets you!  

So Yucky! 
I don't mind eating it, but having the whole thing in my freezer for weeks is a little much!
The town Tyler hunts peasants in does a contest at the end of the season.  You turn in 5 of your longest tail feathers and if you have the longest you win a new shot gun, 2nd place gets a puppy, and 3rd place is a surprise.  The thing is when they turn the feathers in they still have to be attached to the bird! So I get to say hello to these beauties when I open the freezer for a little while longer!
I am one lucky girl! ;)


Lenard said...

Oh I lovvvveee pheasant!! So yummy!! What a fun contest, hopefully he wins a prize that'd be sweet!